Monday, February 3, 2014

The Trojan Horse - A Philippine Coffee Industry Alert

Philippine Coffee Industry Alert:

It's sad how a coffee roasting company with rock-solid foundation could crumble down in less than a year since a new owner took over. And mind you the acquisition price is a hefty-sum!

Immediately, customers noticed a change for the WORSE in the quality of beans (taste, aroma and uniformity of size), consistency of blends/roasts, AND the company's image has gone from reputable and classy to "bakya" (cheap).

Like a plague hitting a town, their old allies left in haste, refusing to be associated with their unscrupulous ways. And so the merry-go-round begins, as new partnerships are formed among those who scampered to a better relationship. This year's trade shows will definitely be an exciting one!

Some words of wisdom as the Year Of The Horse gallops in:

1) Respect your elders

2) Be true to your word (have integrity)

3) Focus on your core competence. Don't be a jack of all trades, master of none

4) Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, so they'll reciprocate it to you as you spiral down to the abyss

5) Money is not an end in itself. You may be loaded with cash, but imagination and true friends can never be bought

These are basic rules your parents should have taught you...

Oh and as a fitting tribute to the HORSE Year, take a cue from  the famous Trojan Horse story - your friend is your worse enemy! So behave-behave!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!!

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