Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gavino's Donuts

After dinner last night we finally had the chance to visit the "rapidly-gaining popularity" gimmick place called Greenhills Town Center, and mind you it is quite a distance from THE already-famous Greenhills Shopping Complex. This modest strip-mall houses several good-eats, but what caught our fancy was this new donut shop named GAVINO'S (on soft opening). Catchy name/logo, whimsical interior, inviting menu!

The place was packed not only with patrons, but also with Donuts in all flavors and shapes possible: from Basic (Pon De Ring);  Premium (Premium Pon De Ring); to Extra Special (Pon De Ball). So little tummy space, so many Donuts to choose from... we finally made our pick: Choco Glazed and Triple Chocolate.

Gavino's Donuts have just the right amount of sweetness (not overly sweet compared to the "commercial" brands); best of all their unique texture is soft yet springy, giving the eater a little more time to savor each and every mouthful. The verdict - it was "love at first bite!"♥

But what good is a donut shop without good coffee to pair with it? Necessary evil is the apt-most comparison, much similar to a Lennon-McCartney song. Gavino's serves coffee (hot and cold) extracted from a semi-automatic La Speziale espresso machine and flavored using Stasero Syrups, an indication that the owners are not scrimping on cost and quality. Take your pick from a simple espresso, to cappuccino, to the house specials Caramel Macchiato, Toffee Nut Latte and Hazelnut Latte. For the kids and kids-at-heart (a.k.a. adults with cardio problems, hahaha!) Milk Tea is also a staple, from the Classic Milk Tea to the Rock Salt and Cheese varieties. There's just something for everyone in this happy place!

Donuts freshly made, an open kitchen
where the magic happens!
Check them out:

Gavino's Donuts.Coffee.Milktea
Unit 5 Greenhills Town Center
#2 Granada St., Brgy. Valencia,
Quezon City
Tel: 09228358076