Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seattle's Pike Place Market

Our Seattle revelry is not yet over. This time, feast your eyes (imagination included) as we share with you our PIKE PLACE MARKET experience. Yes, the same place where the FIRST ever STARBUCKS is located.

Cheeeeezy pose!

Overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront, it commenced operation in August 17, 1907. To date, PIKE PLACE MARKET  is the oldest fully operational farmers' market in the United States offering fresh produce, seafood, meat, bread, spices, unique foodie find, and handicrafts among others.

Fresh Pasta!!!

And true to its claim as a full-blown tourist attraction, people globally (estimated to be over 10 million annually) come in droves to experience the market's vast offerings, and witness the world-famous crew of fishmongers throwing fish and horsing around with visitors.

Below are some more snap shots of this food lovers' haven. One day is not enough for first timers AND hungry tourists like us - Happy Viewing!

Cherries Galore!
Elephant Garlic, anyone???
Every Day is V-DAY!
CRAB Mentality and beyond...
Artsy Postcards
All the more reason to plan another trip to Seattle. Lets??!

The Band of Four - Strikes Again!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Epic Coffee Roastery

"The next EPIC thing to rock Kapitolyo, Pasig City since POCO DELI!" 

Cool Caption don't you agree? This is a fact and not just a self-proclaimed tag-line, as proven by the dynamic duo of business (and husband and wife) partners Joy and Sonny De Leon, who transformed Poco Deli into a by-word for fine quality food. Take two for this Power Couple as they dip their gastronomic hands this time in the realm of Coffee and everything caffeine with the opening of EPIC COFFEE ROASTERY.

A top-of-the-line ASTORIA 2-group Espresso Machine, home made pastries, signature dishes and espresso-based drinks powered no less by STASERO Flavored Syrups go hand-in-hand with the apt interiors they themselves conceptualized, designed and executed. All these effortlessly equate to Sweet S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

What a great Christmas treat it was for me to be hand-picked to train their enthusiastic staff and crew in conceptualizing their "drinks menu." Though I'm always up for the challenge, part of me was nervous given the excellent reputation of this couple in the food business. The bar is definitely high, thus MUST NOT DISAPPOINT was my frame of mind entering the "arena."

After several hours of trials and sampling we finally came up with THREE "to-die-for" drinks: Matcha Green Tea Frappe, Sea-Salt Caramel Mocha Over Ice, AND their very own EPIC Frappe.

Don't take my word for it, head on down to EPIC Cafe and witness the golden taste buds of Joy and Sonny at its best!

* Epic Cafe is in the same row as POCO Deli, you can't miss it!