Thursday, February 6, 2014

House-Hubby Diary 1: Pests

House-Husband Diary #1:

So we finally caught the tiny little mouse, stuck in the Baygon fly paper trap we neatly set with Italian parmesan cheese as enticement (a.k.a. BAIT). Classy huh? As far back as I can recall my disdain for the "nippy kind" is intense. Fear became hatred, or that's how I coped to outgrow it.

No idea where the hell(hole) it came from! Since the day we moved into our humble abode in 2003 this is the first of its sort, so we made it extra special for our unwanted pest, oops i mean "guest." A little something extra to remember us by. Or a classy meal before you go,  just like a last cigarette puff before you get executed!

Hopefully other uninvited "guests" would learn from this and won't follow its example. We are, after all, just protecting our turf before we get infected by the bubonic plague. NIP it in the bud as they say. Haha, sorry had to insert that word-play! Been itching since the first paragraph... My Blog My Rules right???

But then again, animal instinct dictates otherwise... A rat would always be a rat according to my concerned friends! Oh well, might just invest in a Pest Control company or a pet cat?  Hmmm... Let's see whose patience is longer. "MAPECON nalang ang talo" (The loser is the sour PUSS)!

Smile everyone, the weekend is almost here!

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