Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Far Skyes Way

Husband & Wife tandem keeping it real 
So what exactly is THE FAR SKYES WAY? Since business commenced way back in 1995 we've witnessed how beverage trends arose, evolved and subsided. Disheartening as it may seem, that's how the law of economics work, and businessmen have no choice but to adapt to the changing times to stay afloat. Shape up or be shipped out!

At Far Skyes we keep things uncomplicated, from the way we conduct meetings & presentations, to the way we do day-to-day business. We treat each and every client equally, with utmost importance, sometimes taking them too seriously to a fault.

Our globally sourced products speak for themselves as far as taste, quality, functionality and form are concerned.

Best of all, our beverage training is stripped down to its basic essentials. The signature drinks we concoct are not laced with fancy latte art, sugar-coated with unnecessary add-ons, or prepared with dancing and/or flaring on the side. We simply make Damn Good Drinks, PERIOD!!!

Caffeinated & Creamy drinks done the Far Skyes Way!!!