Friday, August 26, 2011

Coffee, Tea By ME Workshop

Take-part in this fun and interactive "Coffee Talk" led by yours truly and learn the art and science behind making HAND-CRAFTED gourmet coffee (and non-coffee) concoctions in the comforts of one's home or office...

Far Skyes Enterprise, in cooperation with Studio SnR invite to you a 3-hour active workshop entitled: "COFFEE, TEA BY ME!" on September 30, 2011, from 2-5pm (; which covers everything from ingredients sourcing, beverage preparation, formulations, and possible recipe variations!  It is tailored to challenge coffee pros, discriminating enthusiasts, or those who simply want to learn how to make a mean joe!

Sample their coffee beans while picking-up useful tips and techniques in brewing the perfect cup from Boyd Coffee Philippines.... the leading coffee roaster in the country!

Test drive the latest SAECO automatic espresso machines,  IMARFLEX heavy-duty blenders and other cool gadgets from Evergood Marketing...

Be amazed by the endless possibilities, flavorful permutations and combinations you can concoct using STASERO Flavored Syrups, Flavored Sauces and Frappe Powders!

A dream-team workshop assembled.... what more could you ask for ??!

Oh, as an added treat get a chance to be a lucky participant simply by becoming a follower of this blog:;  and write a comment as to why you are the lucky one...!

Come one come all... Coffee Drinks Galore!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coffee, Tea and Midlife-Me

As I ride a giant wave and turn a BIG 4-0, I've spent quite some time pondering what this "milestone" signifies... 40, according to many is the new 30, or so they say... Though aging is a state of mind, it is also a psychological and physiological fact that I am getting old -- aches here and there, white hair popping everywhere, and somehow late-night gimmicks and "unhealthy" food does not appeal to me as much anymore.

A few weeks back, during one of our almost-daily coffee chats, my fave sis-in-law popped a rhetoric that got my noggins abuzz: "Would you say you're complete?" Quick witted with words and humor as I am, sissy caught me off guard, as I didn't know whether to reply with something philosophical and/or funny.

So as "midlife" sets in, allow me to dip into the pondering mood on what life has blessed me with so far... and find an answer to this intriguing question...

At 40, I am still a son to my father Felimon and mother Luisa. Both are still alive, and still major influences in my daily existence. Viewing life as half-full instead of half-empty, I am fortunate that my father is "stable" after suffering a massive stroke that left him half-paralyzed and speechless almost 4 years ago. He is my biggest fan and problem solver as far back as I can remember, never giving up on me and always believing that I have a purpose in this universe. Since his stroke, whenever a crisis arises, his being unable to communicate  never posed as a hindrance since he instilled in me his values/morals in life early on. Just visiting him, sitting by his side, holding his hand and watching him smile at me is assurance enough that what's troubling me will soon pass.

I am still a pesky little brother to my siblings: Fred, Fifi, Fidette and Florence; who's presence and company I've appreciated more and more as we age. Reason being since we're all on the same boat now; equals as we're all blessed with families of our own. I look back with fondness the escapades and toilet humor we all shared growing up. All five of us slept with our parents and those were fun times! Knock-knock jokes, board games, silly antics, corny TV shows, and many more...

I am a true friend to quite a handful - quality and not quantity as they say. They add color and drama to life's daily challenges... A special shout-out to the "good samaritans" who shared their time, talent and resources in helping me get thru the first 40: Rico & Ice, WBL, Jong & Bien, Harry & Jackie, Aisha, Anthony, JP, and Robert & Christine.

I have an extended family - my in-laws Stewart & Rita and Syd, who's unconditional support and love is second-to-none for their "favorite" son-in-law and bro-in-law... Nuff said!

Best of all, I am a husband to Peaches and a daddy to my only-one Farrel. Though cheesy yet true, they are the best gifts God has ever rewarded me with AND they define the very purpose of my being... We own a humble house, we don't need to take public transportation, and we eat decent meals daily.

Given all these points and more,  I guess the answer is clearly obvious! A happy birthday to me... Cheers to the next 40 years and more...

Monday, August 8, 2011

WOFEX 2011 (Aug 3-6)

World Food Expo (WOFEX) is the biggest and most effective food show in the Philippines; offering an ultimate food experience and bringing together all segments of the food and beverage industry.

Since its year of inception, BOYD Coffee Philippines has been an active participant, believing in WOFEX's aims and benefiting well from it's massive list of attendees...

Once again, BOYD led by its President, Robert Francisco, outdid themselves by assembling their biggest booth ever (6 booths) - complete with all the bells and whistles possible. According to Robert: "The present Philippine food industry is blessed with an economy that sees 'dining' as a national pastime. Today, consumers have more choice than ever before which could either prove successful or detrimental to one's business." That is why despite the struggling Philippine business climate, BOYD did not hesitate and went full blast for this annual show.

The Boyd Team

The god of all espresso machines - The Astoria!

Choose your blend... like a kid in a candy store... 

For the 4th consecutive year BOYD has invited us, FAR SKYES ENTERPRISE, to join forces with them in order to be THE TOTAL COFFEE SOLUTION to clients and prospects alike...

Peaches Tiu of Far Skyes Enterprise with Robert Francisco of Boyd Coffee
Here are some snap shots of the recent WOFEX show in the eyes of both BOYD COFFEE and FAR SKYES... happy viewing!

the Coffee Guru at work, proving that despite the rise of coffee pods and automatic espresso machines,
handcrafted beverages are still the best!
training culinary students on how to make the perfect frappe
free flowing drinks (hot and cold) for guests

COFFEE, TEA & ME... with me are the leaders in their respective avenue of business:
Peter Tan of SERENITEA fame (the leading tea place in the country)
and Robert Francisco of BOYD Coffee (coffee trailblazer)

Cheers to BOYD Coffee for a successful show... may your innovation keep brewing!

the Coffee Guru giving a lecture on Coffeeology and
The Profitability Of A Coffee Business