Monday, February 14, 2011


The long wait is over, it's finally here.....!  After years of numerous requests from loyal clients, Stasero finally came up with their  Green Tea Frappe Powder.

This special premix originates only from the best raw materials available, particularly the highest grade of Matcha Green Tea Powder.  Known for its rich antioxidant properties,  Matcha is well coveted and highly priced.  Furthermore, given the growing demand for healthy products, Matcha is now commonly used in various beverages - from lattes, energy drinks to bar mixes.

Here's a simple recipe for Green Tea Frappe (16-ounce), using only 3 simple ingredients:

  1.  3 tablespoons Stasero Green Tea Frappe Powder
  2.  60ml fresh milk
  3.  ice

Step 1:  In a blender, dissolve 3 tablespoons Stasero Green Tea Frappe Powder with 60ml fresh milk

Step 2:  Fill a 16-ounce cup/glass with crushed or cube ice and pour into blender; blend for 15 seconds ...

Serve and enjoy!!!!

Catch this in your favorite coffee shop and tea salon soon.......!