Monday, June 27, 2011

Saeco Xsmall

Thank you to Benson and Liz Tan of Evergood Unlimited, the exclusive importer and distributor of Saeco Machines in the Philippines, for letting me test drive this compact dynamite of a coffee machine...

The newest Saeco fully automatic espresso maker designed by the renowned BMW Group Design Works has been gaining rapid popularity among Filipino homes since it was launched a few months back. Equipped with 15 bars of pressure, the Xsmall is easy to use since everything is operated on the machine's front; and lets you enjoy a perfect cup of espresso or  your favorite "joe" with the push of a single button. Best of all the Xsmall is packed with all the bells and whistles normally found in the bigger and more costly brands such as a built-in ceramic burr grinder, a Pannarello Steam Wand (for frothing drinks), and a removable brewing unit which makes cleaning so easy! Case closed... my loyalty to the Saeco brand lives on...

As they say, it's not size (or price) that matters, but the performance... take it from yours truly! :)

Evergood Unlimited (0922-8302988), landline (632) 8335882

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Business Ethics Versus Market Share

How far will one go just to gain market share?

So sad to hear in the recent weeks from numerous friends in the coffee industry that the supposed market leader in flavored syrups who ventured into coffee beans importation (from Italy) has been "blackmailing" clients; forcing them to get their inferior and more expensive coffee beans, otherwise they will stop supplying them with syrups and other accessories...

Does this type of selling work? Probably for a few dependent/helpless clients, but for most of those "victimized" they will find alternative solutions and suppliers. Free trade made the world smaller, thus customers have more  options nowadays... The leader's loss of clients is to the gain of other industry players!

Here's my two-cents-worth on the whole issue: Being a coffee addict, drinking an average of 3 cups daily, I indulge in imported coffee beans OCCASIONALLY. My favorites being Illy, Zabar's (of New York) and Tully's (of San Fracisco).   However, nothing beats FRESHLY ROASTED coffee, expertly roasted, JUST FOR YOU!