Thursday, August 30, 2012

Early Christmas gift list–Flavored Coffee from Boyd's


Early Christmas gift list–from flavored coffee to ‘pinipig suman’

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well at least in the next two days it will. And what better way to celebrate the holidays than by waking up to 12 different flavors of coffee for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Robert Francisco of Boyd’s Coffee recently came up with a dozen holiday flavors that are unlike many of those available.

Francisco’s coffees are a delight not just for their aroma but also for their taste.

I have been a flavored coffee fan for years. Unfortunately there are many brands that do not allow you to enjoy the whole experience. Some  just  have luscious aroma but have lackluster taste.

This is how Boyd’s coffee is different.

I had the most wonderful time tasting some of the variants during the  World Food Expo; each one stayed true, in character and form—the Cinnamon Ginger Bread, Crispy Oatmeal Crumble and Hazelnut tasted exactly as they should (the hazelnut was earthier, nuttier, muskier than those I’ve tried). Each is well rounded, full—in flavor, with its own identity and not acidic.

The other flavors I have yet to try are Butter Rhum, Caramel Nut, Roasted Caramel, Irish Crème, Butterscotch, Caramel Kettle Corn, Toffee, Caramel Hazelnut Cream and Cinnamon Hazelnut.

I learned from Francisco that he makes his coffee with only high-grown Arabica, which is sweet, nutty balanced and clean, with mild sharpness, perfect for flavoring.

“All our coffee varieties are freshly roasted. We roast, and, in the case of our Christmas coffees, flavor the beans only when you order.”

Francisco’s coffee uses oils based on the quality and their capacity to make their coffee taste as close and as natural to their respective flavors as possible.

Let us enjoy the first of our many Christmas cups of coffee. They’re best enjoyed with milk and sugar, lalo na kung walang true love!

(Call 0922-8745217, 7462233,7462693)

Chef Reggie Aspiras with Franklin Tiu of Far Skyes Enterprise
and Roberto Francisco of Boyd's Coffee, WOFEX 2012

This picture says it all... Three weeks ago it was love at first glance when Chef Reggie Aspiras, one of the most revered culinary masters in the Philippines, visited the Boyd's Coffee & Far Skyes Enterprise booth during the WOFEX 2012 show. What started as an annual "Hi, how are you?" cascaded as the vibrant-crimson foil packaging of Boyd's flavored coffee caught Chef Reggie's fancy. Sampling the various flavors interested her even more, thus it led to her writing about it in her much-read and much-awaited weekly column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

MERCI Chef!  Perfect timing as the infamous over-extended Philippine Yuletide Season begins in a few days! Welcoming the BER months... Flavorful Christmas Cheerios to all!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pocket Workshop In Progress - Coffee, Tea By ME!

Six (6) "Coffee, Tea By ME!!! POCKET Workshop" batches and counting... Far Skyes Enterprise in cooperation with Studio SnR wish to thank everyone who inquired and participated for believing in us and the priceless beauty of learning!

In line with our commitment to TOTAL Customer Satisfaction, allow me to highlight this particular batch (our 5th) conducted last August 5, 2012. Our two participants are from Cagayan de Oro (CDO), and they flew to Manila to attend the WOFEX Show from August 1-4. No thanks to the strong rains, massive floods and horrendous traffic experienced during that week (take note, there's no typhoon), here are their constraints:

The Pocket Workhop in progress...

1) The terrible weather messed up their schedule, thus they are requesting if we could do the Pocket Workshop on a Sunday since they are leaving early morning the following day. ✓

Highlighting the Jura Ena9, the DO-IT-ALL
Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine

2) Due to the floods, and since Studio SnR is closed during sundays, the only solution is to conduct the training in our humble abode, situated on high ground and is conveniently located. ✓

Making-do! It's all about flexibility,
love-for-work and professionalism

3) They are more inclined in opening a Milk Tea place in CDO, so they asked if we could tailor-fit the the Workshop to suit their requirements. ✓

Hokkaido Milk Tea 

Strawberry-Yakult Smoothie anyone??? 
All their requests we found a solution to in our never-ending commitment to the Coffee, Tea By ME! Workshop we love and which has given us the added OOMPH in terms of product mileage and brand recall.

One for the road, the all-natural
Blueberry smoothie!♥
Off to serve the succeeding batches, despite the conditions and limitations. Proving that Far Skyes Enterprise and Studio SnR are NO fair-weathered friends. Staying true to our oath of Spreading the Caffeinated & Creamy Love - One Drink At A Time! 

Cheers to learning!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) 2012

A lifetime of gratitude to our  STASERO USA Family for the warm reception and for sponsoring our visit to the 24th annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event, held last April 18-19, 2012 in the Rose City of Portland, Oregon (PDX).

Thank You Mr. Kabani! Here's to a 100 more years, even beyond...

The STASERO brand, proudly made in Seattle, Washington is a loyal member and exhibitor of the SCAA, and is well-represented by Far Skyes Enterprise in the Philippines (including some parts of South-East Asia) since 2003. Pleasure was ours to once again touch base with the Kabani family and reaffirm our commitment as brand-partners.

Calm before the storm, getting ready for the show

Proud event-sponsor BOYD's Coffee USA
Opening Remarks by the SCAA Officers

Scratch one off our "coffee geek" bucket list as this event, our first in both the show and the city,  is truly the mecca for anything and everything CAFFEINE (and many more). A weekend where the stars of the Coffee Universe all came together, and the perfect venue to rub elbows with fellow aficionados and industry friends - both old and new!

Peaches Go-Tiu of Far Skyes Enteprise with Ms. Aisha Kabani
of Eagle Beverage, proud owner & manufacturer of the Stasero Brand

Metting up in PDX with good friends, Boyd Coffee Philippines
President Roberto Francisco & Wife Dr. Christine Santos-Francisco
Enjoying my 1st cup, experts say "Superb coffee begins w/ great beans.
 Coffee should be well roasted resulting balance and fullness in flavor ."   
Global exhibitors ready to showcase their stuff

One day is not enough for "looksies" and hobnobbing. Here are some photos we took of the SCAA 2012 show...  Happy viewing!

The Astoria Team Came in Full-Force

Such a kick-ass roaster!

Sampling Single Origins via Pour-Overs - Public Domain

Cold Brew never tasted better... 
Proudly Guatemalan
Free Coffee everywhere! ♥
The whole SCAAA experience stamped a huge and lasting smile on our faces, knowing the Brands we represent and promote are of fine reputation. Limitless possibilities await the coffee industry as well, as this drink has proven time and again that it transcends culture, barriers and even recession.  Time for the attendees to head back to their respective points of origin, yet with a united outlook of positivity for the industry we all love! Looking forward to the next one?  See you all in BEAN Town 2013!
"Take in our city's innovative cafes & roasteries, but also enjoy the natural beauty
 that has played an integral role in bringing so many people here. It's an exciting
time for Portland and specialty coffee alike, and we look forward to celebrating
 it here together." -  Chris Ryan,  Editor,  Fresh Cup Magazine

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wofex 2012, Giving Back...

MASTER CHEF Reggie Aspiras visiting
Despite the terrible weather experienced from August 1-4, WOFEX 2012 pushed thru with resounding success - at least from our standpoint.

great job guys!

As exhibitors, our main purpose is to CREATE AWARENESS - both be seen and heard by existing clients and prospects alike (competitors included)! And since the time of WOFEX's birth more than a decade ago, BOYD Coffee Company Philippines, Inc. has actively participated without fail. Our endless appreciation to BOYD President Roberto Francisco for inviting FAR SKYES ENTERPRISE to once again join forces with him - the products we represent have gained leaps and bounds thanks to Roberto's clout, good industry reputation and generosity!

BOYD President Roberto Francisco w/ Peaches Tiu of FAR SKYES
Another year of synergistic allegiance!♥

Compared to last year, the crowd was thinner YET we felt they were of better quality. Those who braved the flood (yes, you read it right) and rain came with a purpose - to touch base with existing suppliers, look for new ones, and to search for fresh concepts and ideas.

Our challenge this year was simple - given the short-list of attendees AND given the full participation of exhibitors, how do we set the bar higher compared to our competitors? Although selling price is a necessary evil in these hard times, on the other side of the matrix we all know that "you get what you pay for". The prices of all our QUALITY products are competitive, yet we still offer the intangibles necessary in helping our clients be the best they can be. And though it's common knowledge that pleasing everybody is next to impossible, intrinsically and extrinsically we do our very best to fill their needs!

Book Signing of Roberto Francisco's much-applauded
coffee table book - "A COFFEE JOURNEY"
Grab a copy now call 746-BOYD
What more can we say? See you all in 2013... Here's to scaling new heights, defying gravity even!