Friday, March 25, 2011

Fizzy Pops

Carbonated juices or Sodas have been a regular staple (a huge favorite in fact) at parties and widely enjoyed with meals. Known for its fun flavors and fizzy finish, the "soft drink" transcends all social classes and age groups, and is considered a healthier alternative to "hard drink" which contains alcohol.

Being bored with the usual variety offered in leading groceries, and at the height of summer season,  I decided to formulate my own soda pop, spiking 7-up with Stasero Mango and Kiwi syrups.

Here's how I prepared  it...

1) Mango-Bellini (12-ounce) *mock tails

- fill a 12 ounce glass with ice

- pour 1/2 ounce (15ml) Stasero Mango Syrup

- fill the glass with 7-up, soda water, or sparkling wine

2) Kiwi Fizz

Repeat the same procedure, just substitute Mango Syrup with Kiwi Syrup....

Serve and enjoy! Let your creative juices flow...