Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coffee Review: Ristretto Roasters Beaumont Blend

The perks of having a well-traveled and generous (ahem) sister-in-law is being able to sample first-hand most of  her destination foodie finds. On her recent vacation from Portland, Oregon, lucky me was given (among others) a bag of Beaumont Blend from Ristretto Roasters. It's been quite a while since I did a coffee review, so allow me to share this one with you.

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Beaumont Blend is a special seasonal roast that has full body, low acidity, and tasting notes of Baker's Chocolate, Clove and Dried Cherry. Straightforward and robust, yet surprisingly complex! An ode to Ristretto Roasters' opening its first minuscule roasting facility and cafe in the Beaumont neighborhood at NE 42nd & Fremont, Portland Oregon  in 2005. Since then, it paved the way for the full "flowering" (pun intended) of the roasting scene in the Rose City.

In 2009, Ristretto opened its second branch in North Portland, this time imbibing a sexier-hip appeal, yet still maintaining it's well-known warm and welcoming (not snobbish) ambiance.  The road still looks "rosy" for the them, thereby benefiting its loyal followers!

Best served as straight espresso, or brewed in a French press to unleash its full flavors. Happy sipping!

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