Saturday, May 14, 2011


Full credit goes to my fave sis-in-law for introducing me to the drinks, moreso to the owners of Serenitea! The leading tea saloon, owned and operated by the dynamic duo of Juliet Herrera and Peterson Chen, has been making BIG waves since the day they opened shop... 

Despite other wannabees sprouting like mushrooms (others even claiming to be the "real thing" from Taiwan), the owners make no false pretenses nor defensive claims, and are confident their brand and offerings have been tweaked to capture the discriminating taste of the Filipino palette. Serenitea is proudly conceptualized locally - "a tea shop patterned after the Taiwanese kinds" according to Peterson.

Best of all Serenitea hits the mark with its various tea offerings (hot and cold) that caters to one's prefered sweetness level and "SINKERS" (black pearl, nata, pudding, coffee jelly, etc); thereby personalizing each and every customers experience. Imported tea leaves sourced globally are extracted on-the-spot using an Espresso Machine, which yields the best result since the strong pressure achieves full flavor at a minimal amount of time. The end product, as wished by the owners, is to exalt one's own personal brew that he/she can be proud of!

Here's to more success... 15 branches and  counTEAng!  More  exciTEAng  product offerings (food items specially)...So glad to be part of your BREWING enterprise!


  1. I've tried Serenitea and i'd have to agree that their drinks are authentic and refreshing. Their side orders are quite the hit as well! :)

    btw, loved all the puns at the end. :)

  2. woohooo!! Serenitea:)
    I love Juliet =) howkeii I Love SERENITEA!!
    and this hit drink is really good for people to quench their thirst for this summer's heat!!!
    God bless you more french ^_^


  3. address please :)

  4. huuuuy! we just had serenitea earlier! my super fave is okinawa grass jelly!! 0% sugar, no ice!