Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pocket Workshop In Progress - Coffee, Tea By ME!

Six (6) "Coffee, Tea By ME!!! POCKET Workshop" batches and counting... Far Skyes Enterprise in cooperation with Studio SnR wish to thank everyone who inquired and participated for believing in us and the priceless beauty of learning!

In line with our commitment to TOTAL Customer Satisfaction, allow me to highlight this particular batch (our 5th) conducted last August 5, 2012. Our two participants are from Cagayan de Oro (CDO), and they flew to Manila to attend the WOFEX Show from August 1-4. No thanks to the strong rains, massive floods and horrendous traffic experienced during that week (take note, there's no typhoon), here are their constraints:

The Pocket Workhop in progress...

1) The terrible weather messed up their schedule, thus they are requesting if we could do the Pocket Workshop on a Sunday since they are leaving early morning the following day. ✓

Highlighting the Jura Ena9, the DO-IT-ALL
Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine

2) Due to the floods, and since Studio SnR is closed during sundays, the only solution is to conduct the training in our humble abode, situated on high ground and is conveniently located. ✓

Making-do! It's all about flexibility,
love-for-work and professionalism

3) They are more inclined in opening a Milk Tea place in CDO, so they asked if we could tailor-fit the the Workshop to suit their requirements. ✓

Hokkaido Milk Tea 

Strawberry-Yakult Smoothie anyone??? 
All their requests we found a solution to in our never-ending commitment to the Coffee, Tea By ME! Workshop we love and which has given us the added OOMPH in terms of product mileage and brand recall.

One for the road, the all-natural
Blueberry smoothie!♥
Off to serve the succeeding batches, despite the conditions and limitations. Proving that Far Skyes Enterprise and Studio SnR are NO fair-weathered friends. Staying true to our oath of Spreading the Caffeinated & Creamy Love - One Drink At A Time! 

Cheers to learning!!!

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