Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wofex 2012, Giving Back...

MASTER CHEF Reggie Aspiras visiting
Despite the terrible weather experienced from August 1-4, WOFEX 2012 pushed thru with resounding success - at least from our standpoint.

great job guys!

As exhibitors, our main purpose is to CREATE AWARENESS - both be seen and heard by existing clients and prospects alike (competitors included)! And since the time of WOFEX's birth more than a decade ago, BOYD Coffee Company Philippines, Inc. has actively participated without fail. Our endless appreciation to BOYD President Roberto Francisco for inviting FAR SKYES ENTERPRISE to once again join forces with him - the products we represent have gained leaps and bounds thanks to Roberto's clout, good industry reputation and generosity!

BOYD President Roberto Francisco w/ Peaches Tiu of FAR SKYES
Another year of synergistic allegiance!♥

Compared to last year, the crowd was thinner YET we felt they were of better quality. Those who braved the flood (yes, you read it right) and rain came with a purpose - to touch base with existing suppliers, look for new ones, and to search for fresh concepts and ideas.

Our challenge this year was simple - given the short-list of attendees AND given the full participation of exhibitors, how do we set the bar higher compared to our competitors? Although selling price is a necessary evil in these hard times, on the other side of the matrix we all know that "you get what you pay for". The prices of all our QUALITY products are competitive, yet we still offer the intangibles necessary in helping our clients be the best they can be. And though it's common knowledge that pleasing everybody is next to impossible, intrinsically and extrinsically we do our very best to fill their needs!

Book Signing of Roberto Francisco's much-applauded
coffee table book - "A COFFEE JOURNEY"
Grab a copy now call 746-BOYD
What more can we say? See you all in 2013... Here's to scaling new heights, defying gravity even!


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  1. Congratulations for a successful exhibit despite of the weather.