Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chocolate Chaud by Michel Cluizel, Paris

A trip to Paris, France wouldn't be complete without sampling some of the best Chocolate Chaud in the city. Not the instant or quick fix kinda stuff, but the authentic one made from scratch - premium chocolate block melted and doused with cream and/or milk, sugar cubes optional.

But no thanks to the uncooperative April weather which slowed down our movement (not to mention several failed attempts from Chaud "posers"), we chanced upon MICHEL CLUIZEL at 4:45pm on our last day in Paris, Saint-Honore to be precise.

Spreading chocoholic smiles since 1948, they are at present one of the rare chocolate makers in the world to process cacao beans themselves in their own ateliers (an artist's workroom, as defined by Webster).

Feast your senses on multiple platters and bowls of truffles, milk and dark chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate-covered fruits in season,  chocolate bars, French macarons, pralines, ganaches, etc. Name it, they have it - Anything and everything CHOCOLATE, all single-origin ranging from 65-70 percent cocoa content.

Once we're done ogling at all the chocolate porn, we got back on track and sampled what we really came there for - Chocolate Chaud! I watched intently as the counter lady dropped a generous amount (morsels) of their premium chocolate in a paper cup, then slowly doused it with hot cream/milk mixture dispensed from a churning beverage warmer.

Our verdict - we struck LIQUID (Chocolate) GOLD! My initial sip, everything seemed to switch to slow motion. Mind you that the liquid elixir is a notch below searing, but it was perfect to combat the 10 degrees Celsius experienced that day.  The beverage is quite thick with a playful viscosity and mouthfeel, best of all the flavor is robust. No short cuts here definitely!

Good things occur to those who wait, definitely worth it!

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