Thursday, October 6, 2011

Studio SnR's Coffee, Tea By ME!!! Workshop

Caffeinated and Creamy Passion was the mood that special friday afternoon of September 30, 2011... As envisioned by its organizer STUDIO SnR, the first-ever Coffee, Tea By ME!!! Workshop (led by yours truly) was a smashing hit...

Sydney Go, Marketing Director of Studio SnR welcoming guests...
Yours truly narrating my odyssey in the beverage biz...
participants awaiting instructions for the start of
their hands-on workshop

Small class size (below 20 participants) is always the limit set by STUDIO SnR, as they believe it is perfectly conducive for teaching and learning... And true to its billing as a "HANDS-ON" workshop, all 18 participants (ranging from beginner to moderate to advanced as far as drinks mixology is concerned) were thrilled "toying" with their assigned SAECO Espresso Machine...

the workshop in progress...

mesmerized in-between shots and sips of BOYD COFFEE Premium espressos...
Caffein fueled by Boyd Coffee Midnight Blend...
Thank you Robert Francisco!

and dazzled while exploring the countless possibilites and combinations using Far Skyes Enterprise's Vanilla Frappe Powder, STASERO Flavored Syrups and Sauces!!!

What's your flaovor???

The fun does not end here... The workshop was further escalated when the participants were divided into groups for the "Craft A Java & Smoothie" contest, where the winning drink (1 caffeinated drink and 1 smoothie drink) per group per category received valuable prizes courtesy of Boyd Coffee and Evergood Unlimited Corporation (distributors of Saeco, Cuisinart and Imarflex)... Cool, right?!

Pam & Ben Gregory crafting the winning espresso based drink
the epitome of a hands-on workshop... messy! :)

finished drinks waiting to be judged by the
organizers and major sponsors

In conclusion, Studio SnR's work area became a shared space of fun, laughter, sharing and learning... the true mark of sucess!♥

From L-R: Liz Tan of Evergood Unlimited, Avid Foodies
Marose Rodriguez and Maebelle Batac, and Yours Truly

From L-R: Peaches Go-Tiu and Yours Truly of Far Skyes Enterprise;
Liz Tan of Evergood Unlimited; Sydney Go of Studio SnR,
and Becky Kho Editor-In-Chief of Yummy Magazine

Standing L-R: Franklin Tiu, World-Class Videographer Dom Velasco,
Ben Gregory, and Peaches Go-Tiu
Seated: Liz Tan and Pam Gregory
Standing L-R: Photo Wiz Patrick Martirez, Liz Tan of Evergood,
Franklin & Peaches Tiu of Far Skyes Enterprise,
Seated L-R: Becky Kho of Ymmy Magazine and
Wendy Lei of Animetric's World
Sydney Go with Appetite Magazine's Monique Buensalido
and Migs Borja-Yambao

Watch out for the next run... check out 
Caffeinated and Creamy Cheers to all!!!