Sunday, August 12, 2012

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) 2012

A lifetime of gratitude to our  STASERO USA Family for the warm reception and for sponsoring our visit to the 24th annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event, held last April 18-19, 2012 in the Rose City of Portland, Oregon (PDX).

Thank You Mr. Kabani! Here's to a 100 more years, even beyond...

The STASERO brand, proudly made in Seattle, Washington is a loyal member and exhibitor of the SCAA, and is well-represented by Far Skyes Enterprise in the Philippines (including some parts of South-East Asia) since 2003. Pleasure was ours to once again touch base with the Kabani family and reaffirm our commitment as brand-partners.

Calm before the storm, getting ready for the show

Proud event-sponsor BOYD's Coffee USA
Opening Remarks by the SCAA Officers

Scratch one off our "coffee geek" bucket list as this event, our first in both the show and the city,  is truly the mecca for anything and everything CAFFEINE (and many more). A weekend where the stars of the Coffee Universe all came together, and the perfect venue to rub elbows with fellow aficionados and industry friends - both old and new!

Peaches Go-Tiu of Far Skyes Enteprise with Ms. Aisha Kabani
of Eagle Beverage, proud owner & manufacturer of the Stasero Brand

Metting up in PDX with good friends, Boyd Coffee Philippines
President Roberto Francisco & Wife Dr. Christine Santos-Francisco
Enjoying my 1st cup, experts say "Superb coffee begins w/ great beans.
 Coffee should be well roasted resulting balance and fullness in flavor ."   
Global exhibitors ready to showcase their stuff

One day is not enough for "looksies" and hobnobbing. Here are some photos we took of the SCAA 2012 show...  Happy viewing!

The Astoria Team Came in Full-Force

Such a kick-ass roaster!

Sampling Single Origins via Pour-Overs - Public Domain

Cold Brew never tasted better... 
Proudly Guatemalan
Free Coffee everywhere! ♥
The whole SCAAA experience stamped a huge and lasting smile on our faces, knowing the Brands we represent and promote are of fine reputation. Limitless possibilities await the coffee industry as well, as this drink has proven time and again that it transcends culture, barriers and even recession.  Time for the attendees to head back to their respective points of origin, yet with a united outlook of positivity for the industry we all love! Looking forward to the next one?  See you all in BEAN Town 2013!
"Take in our city's innovative cafes & roasteries, but also enjoy the natural beauty
 that has played an integral role in bringing so many people here. It's an exciting
time for Portland and specialty coffee alike, and we look forward to celebrating
 it here together." -  Chris Ryan,  Editor,  Fresh Cup Magazine

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