Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rabbit Hole, Hong Kong

The name is inspired by the novel "Alice In Wonderland" where Alice falls deep-down into a rabbit hole and enters a world of fantasy.  The owner of this java haven aims to recreate Alice's whimsical experience to the customer, manifested in the various types of coffee creation and methods RABBIT HOLE serves.

After wasting around 20 minutes going up and down Central Midlevel's multiple escalators trying to find this easy-to-miss place, as soon as I entered the door the first impression I got was a trip down "not so happy" memory lane - high school chemistry class. Yup, the place looks like a lab fit for a geek - coffee geek to be precise!

Macchiato (Costa Rica) over ice

Cafe Cortado

The layout is more like an open kitchen cum communal pantry where various brands of coffee machines are lined-up ready to be tinkered by Rabbit Hole's java experts while preparing one's drink of choice. First, select from their single origin offerings - Costa Rica, Timor, Ethiopia, Honduras, and several others; Second step is to choose the type of drink you want with your bean of choice - espresso (americano, latte, macchiato...), pour over, drip, or syphon; Third and final step is to simply kick back and relax while savoring your order.

Rabbit Hole's Coffee Geek
preparing our order

This hidden gem is a must-visit for coffee lovers of any race, of all walks of life. Rabbit Hole caffeinatedly jolts the spot, thanks to their creative design and nifty store layouting. The end result creates more interaction between the baristas and the customers.

Rabbit Hole's balcony is the perfect spot to savor
your drink while people-watching 

Various single-origin beans and coffee
brewing equipment for sale
Never in my wildest dream (even Alice's) did I expect to find such a unique place in a predominantly tea-sipping-capital like Hong Kong. Im sure The Mad Hatter would be jealous...

Rabbit Hole Coffee & Roaster
2/F, 26 Cochrane St, Central,
Hong Kong
A rabbit hole is quite an obvious metaphor for the public if you have read the novel "Alice in wonderland", as she falls down into the rabbit hole, she enters the world of fantasy. Our journey is similar as Alice, but instead the rabbit hole that we fell into came from a cup of well made, well executed coffee. 

If you love coffee, you will always remember the best cup that you ever had. You will remember how fragrant and special the aroma is, how flavorful and balanced when the liquid hit your mouth, and how the wonderful aftertaste had lasted in your palate that you think you would never want to drink water ever again. 

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