Friday, June 8, 2012

Dimsum Date in HK

My wife Peaches is celebrating her birthday on June 9, and for this we decided to take a pocket trip to Hong Kong - not to shop, but simply to EAT. HK was our honeymoon destination back in 2003 (due to financial constraints; and no thanks to me not having a US Visa back then), so the place holds a synonymous spot in our hearts. Not only is it cost effective and convenient to visit, the food (YUMCHA in particular) scene is simply tops!

Our hotel was an apt premonition
With our Kiddo left behind and safely tucked with my in-laws (God bless extended family), as soon as we landed and checked in our hotel, we wasted no time and headed straight to our pre-planned "good-easts." And this for the next three days we religiously did - scouring the best dimsum places at precisely 9:30am to get our YUMCHA fix. In order to give justice to this blog post, specially to those who don't know me too well, allow me to establish 2 things:

1) I am a creature oh habit, and proud to say I inherited this from my Dad. Both of us love doing the same things and going to the same places repetitively - sometimes to the annoyance of my Mom and my Wife. Ergo as an analogy to this post, I am simply stating that I can eat the same dish over and over again.

2) I am a certified HOARDER, probably it got full-blown when my son was barely 3 months-old, and my business hit rock-bottom with the pearl shake craze's demise. Fortunately I was able to recover within the same year (thanks to some good samaritans who helped me reinvent myself), thus the feeling of "conquering" or "purchasing power" stuck to me in order to justify to my inner demons that things are back to normal. My best bud RSF went an extra mile to defend my actions (thanks, you're a true friend) saying it's purely human nature "for MAN to go out and hunt for food to feed his family - circa Caveman era." So when ordering food, I tend to over-do it, since excess to me means I'm providing well for my family... Hahaha!

Enough said about me, let's go back to eating. With only 3 YUMCHA mornings to attack, Peaches and I had to be selective:

Day 1: Pier 88, 5/F Windsor Plaza, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Day 2: Jade Garden, Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

Day 3: Superstar Restaurant, 4/F Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

As evident in the food shots, pat on the back to us, as our choices were definitely a sure thing! Happy birthday Peaches, more DIMSUM DATES ahead! ♡

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