Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caffeine on a High!

In one of our frequent-friendly chats with renowned Coffee Master and Philippine Coffee Trailblazer Robert S. Francisco, President and CEO of Boyd Coffee Company, Inc., (the FIRST coffee roaster in the Philippines to gain HACCP certification) he mentioned that world coffee prices soared 100%. What impact this would have in our daily cup of joe is left to be seen in the months to come... Overseas however, several US companies like Folgers and Starbucks have taken the lead in jacking up their coffee prices by an average of 10%.

According to Robert, the main factor for the price surge is the growing demand for coffee, combined with a rough harvesting season for the past 2 years. Simply put: "Coffee Production Did Not Rise To Meet Demand."

Here's hoping that the global impact wouldn't make a major dent in coffee prices in the Philippines, to the extent that coffee consumption per individual will be compromised. Worse, unethical local roasters will adulterate their existing blends to maintain their desired profits - the biggest loser being the consumers!

Given this global problem, it pays to have a reliable coffee roaster by your side - making sure the quality is second-to-none, FROM FARM TO CUP.

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