Monday, January 17, 2011

Caramel-Mocha Frappe

As requested by one of our loyal blog follower, we are preparing an easy-to-makeCaramel-Mocha Frappe recipe which could be done in the comforts of one's home. This is a follow-up recipe to the "Raspberry-Mocha Frappe" article we did last December 2010, which ranks among the top viewed post of this young blog.

Caramel-Mocha Frappe is one of the all-time most ordered drink for both international and local coffee chains. CARAMEL in simple definition is "burnt sugar" or sugar heated with a little water until golden brown. The darker the color, the bolder and less sweet it becomes (milk, cream, or butter is added to enhance the viscosity and richness of the caramel). "FRAPPE" could be interchanged with Macchiato, Latte or Frappucino, depending on the dairy dose and equipment used in preparing the drink.

The ingredients are as follows (to make a 16-oz finished drink):


3 tablespoons Stasero Frappe Base (this premix contains sweetener and creamer/"dairy" part already)*
2-shots Far Skyes Premium Roast Arabica espresso (roughly 30ml per shot x 2 = 60ml)**
15ml Stasero Caramel Syrup
15ml Stasero Caramel Sauce (for garnish)

     * should you opt to use fresh milk, substitute 3 tablespoons Stasero Frappe base with 60ml fresh milk
   ** other espresso blends could be used, I just happen to have that ready in my espresso machine


Step 1: in a blender, combine the Frappe Base, Espresso and Caramel Syrup - blend for 10 seconds.

Step 2: using a 16-ounce cup, fill it with crushed, cube or tube ice. Pour into the blender with the mix and blend again for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Pour into 16-ounce cup and garnish with whipped cream (optional) and top with Caramel Sauce!

Sipping this drink in the comforts of one's home is a fine  luxury, considering the amount of time, gas and money saved than leaving the house just to get your caffeine fix. A real Home Run!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. Will try this at home, pahiram ng blender... :)

    How much nga pala dark chocolate and caramel sauce?

  2. Hi Karl, at 16-ounce and using fresh milk it's around 230 calories, calories from fat is 9 (figures much lower if low-fat milk is used). Of course, if you opt for the Frappe Powder, given its health-friendly formulation, caloric content is the same at 230, BUT it has 0 saturated fat; and 0 cholesterol.

  3. "Home Run", i like that. This recipe really will help save the effort of going to a café. Thank you for posting! :)

  4. This looks yummo! What's good is it does seem like something i can do, being kitchen-challenged :) Are you offering any workshops/lessons for coffee lovers and cafe owners wannabes? :) ring me up!!