Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Shout-Out

I read something proverbial (Solomonic even) that "when a child is born, a father is born as well." Such is the cycle of life, and one without the other simply cannot be.

Bless me FATHER for I ...

A year short of a decade and I'm still humbled on a daily basis that my psyche is fully charged and I am complete! Today my schedule is packed with celebrations, and  all my  social media accounts are packed with greetings and Father's Day cheers.

Allow me to give a shout out to the MAN I've made proud, who taught me that money and power are not ends in itself.  For teaching me to almost always choose the rainbow over the pot of gold. Best of all for Instilling in us that Family Comes First! Leadership By Example At Its Best. Happy Father's Day Papa!

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