Monday, December 6, 2010

Raspberry-Mocha Frappe

With a new toy to play with, a heavy-duty/fully automatic Bartec Blender, what better way to "test drive" the machine by making my all-time fave drink RASPBERRY-MOCHA FRAPPE.

Some folks frown at the thought of Raspberry, it reminding them of their staple cough syrup. But personally, there's something about the fusion of mocha (coffee plus chocolate) and raspberry syrup that warms my heart and calms my soul.... Call it genetics, my 6-year old son is a huge fan as well...

Here's a simple recipe my son and I prepared in less than 5minutes.

What we used:  Raspberry-Mocha Frappe (16-ounce serving)

3 tablespoons Stasero Mocha Frappe Base
Double-shot Far Skyes espresso blend
1-tablespoon Stasero Dark Chocolate Sauce
20ml Stasero Raspberry Syrup

Step 1: In a blender, combine Mocha Frappe Base, espresso, dark chocolate sauce and raspberry syrup.
Blend for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Using your desired 16-ounce cup, fill with cube/tube or crushed ice; pour into blender together with the mix and reblend for 15 seconds.


The drink was prepared under 5 minutes and consumed in less than a minute... By the way, the Bartec Blender was phenomenal!


  1. Looks delicious! Would an added whipped cream on top make it even more amazing? :)

  2. Hi Angelica. It sure will... If you don't mind the added calories :)

  3. Looks lovely and yummy! Your 6 year old son sure knows his way around coffee :)

  4. bukas na kayo ng coffee place sa wilson st:)

  5. Thank you Chinadoll, my son has the golden taste buds... More power to your blog!

    Pat, thanks! Opening a coffee shop is a huge responsibility. Conflict of interest too with my clients/friends so we'd rather stick to the supply-side.

    Roji, what's nice about the drink is that it's safe for people who are lactose intolerant.

  6. Looks yummy. When's the next raspberry mocha frappé day? You make the coffee, I supply the cookies :D

  7. kamay ni Farrel yan noh? next time, green tea frappe pleasE?