Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Modern Dating - HK Style

Thanks to my Graduate School partner-in-crime Patrick Ng Yat Lung, a Hong Kong (HK) native in his late 40's and still an eligible bachelor, for sharing this modern day "HK Dating 101" trivia.

The fun part of traveling is immersing one's self in the host country - discovering about their ways and means, bad words included. Although HK is a place I frequent as far back as I can recall, it's good to discover that there's always something new to learn - particularly in the interesting realm of Dating.

At present, the HK Coffee Culture is gaining popularity among the youth in a rapid manner, to which "coffee" (synonymous to "post or after dinner") has become part of the dating ritual. Case in point that when a couple go out, they culminate the night with a visit to a coffee joint for a caffein fix and/or dessert (ergo the name behind HK's popular chain Honeymoon Dessert). And typical of all forms of culture, some are maintained and some are revised (for the better?!): The (gentle) man still foots the dinner bill, AND the woman pays for the "coffee". But wait, here's where it gets tricky - a disinterested Gal' will make no move whatsoever to pay her due, leaving the guy in a double whammy - No Money No Honey(moon)!

Yup, who would have thought that a post dinner cafe visit is now a strong barometer of a relationship's future, whether there's a spark of hope or otherwise. Happy dating to all my single friends! Cheers Pat!

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