Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 Review

As I welcome 2013's arrival in a few blinks it's time once again to reflect on the what 2012 has meant to me. For some reason the year went by swiftly, probably a good sign since we know how things seem to "fly by" when one's busy, enjoying, or both.

Factory tour in Seattle, Washington.
Kiddo finally understands what his Daddy does for a living

A record-breaking Business Year for my company FAR SKYES ENTERPRISE, and I'm certain it will escalate further. The brands I globally source and represent have finally gained the much-needed attention they deserve, and I am truly grateful to those who believe!

A great year as far as health is concerned, special shout out to my Dad who victoriously overcame his bout with pneumonia. In a nutshell, viewing life as half-full I am glad to be able to spend another Christmas with him and my loved ones... Cheers to Life!

A fruitful year of traveling, being able to visit new States in the US: Washington (Seattle), Oregon (Portland), and Texas (Houston & San Antonio); and locally, touching base with Boracay anew.

My best friend who's in his late 40's became a Dad for the first time, and he's tremendously enjoying fatherhood so much so that he's contemplating on retiring to devote all his time, energy and psyche to his little bundle of joy. I'm glad he finally understands what I've been doing for the past 8 years. As my Dad always says, "Money is not an end in itself, a rainbow is ALWAYS better than a pot of gold."

Happy New Year!!! From my family to yours...

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