Wednesday, October 26, 2011


St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts sits on 2,300 acres of farm and rustic woodland. It is a small (below 80) community of Trappist Monks who detach themselves from worldly pleasures and instead live a contemplative life of meditation, prayer and work...

Despite not being one's usual travel destination, day visitors like us enjoyed the breathtaking yet serene environment of the Abbey Church and refectory which has maintained its architectural structure and old-charm...

Kiddo posing with his beloved Guamy, my MIL,
who navigated us to this great find

The Abbey is popularly known for its production and marketing of Trappist Preserves, a line of jams and jellies which partially support its operations. The tradition of excellence is maintained by Monks who have devoted their quality-time in standardizing (refining even) production process and techniques, ensuring that every batch gives "holy" justice to its long history of over 50 years and counting...

Items could be purchased in the Abbey Gift Shop which also houses the most number of religious books, artifacts, and other related items I've ever seen in my entire existence!

St. Joseph's Abbey offers multitudes more to the spiritual traveler seeking a serene destination. So lucky to have the rare privilege of being able to drive-by this place during the last leg of our New England road trip! "Abbey-Road" visited...! ✜

167 North Spencer Road, Spencer MA

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  1. Wow! Nice place. Amazing to know there are places like these in the world :)