Friday, September 13, 2013

Esprecious by Bravilor Bonamat

Proudly manufactured in The Netherlands, Bravilor Bonamat unleashed its ESPRECIOUS espresso machine on Philippine shore, just in time for the annual Asia Food Expo (AFEX).

The ULTIMATE Triple-tag-team:
Fresh Coffee Beans by Boyd's,
Creme/Sweetener by Far Skyes,
Handsome Machine by Bravilor 

Triple-tag-teaming with Robert Francisco of Boyd's,  (Bravilor's exclusive importer/distributor) and Far Skyes Enterprise, Esprecious showcased why it is a comprehensive yet compact machine with a conveniently (read SMART) arranged touch screen.

Installation is a cinch! Simply set/program the desired variety (Cappuccino, Long Black, Latte, Cafe Creme, Cafe Mocha, etc.) and strength, then fill the chambers with the ingredients (coffee beans, sweetener, cocoa powder, frappe base, etc.) based on the menu you created, select your favorite backlight color (FUN!), then watch away with glee as your selected beverage is prepared.

Brewing caffeinated and creamy goodies soon. Watch out for it in your favorite cafe, hotel chain, airport lounge and/or anything and everything coffee.

With Mr. Peter Kaaz, Bravilor's Export Sales Manager,
and Mr. Robert Francisco of Boyd's Coffee
Easy as 1-2-3 don't you agree???!!!

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