Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Counting My Blessings

I feel for the hundreds of lives affected by yesterday's Boston Marathon bombing. Whether it's a sick coordinated prank or an act of terrorism, it leaves a stigma to the whole world that America (the whole world even) is as vulnerable as any other country. Safety is always uncertain.

There's something about "Bean Town" that makes it close to my heart! It's the first US State on my wish list immediately upon getting (after 3 denials) my US Visa; I'm a BIG Celtics fan since birth (thanks to my brother Fred), and my ultimate dream is to be able to send Kiddo to a University in Boston either for college or post graduate studies.

Our honeymoon destination
Rewind to January 2013 as we were planning our annual summer getaway. All roads point to the US (Boston in particular) as the annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) was to be held there. Oh and as an added bonus, two days after the SCAA, the Boston Marathon was to be staged - COOL! And as an icing to the cake, there will be a Celtics-Pacers NBA game scheduled in TD Garden a day after the marathon - PERFECT!

For some strange twist of fate, in February I learned that my In-Laws were headed to Europe - Spain and France to be exact, same time as the SCAA Show. I couldn't trace back as to why or how I decided to join them at the 11th hour, but someway-somehow it felt "proper" to be with them in another continent. In a nutshell I opted for the less obvious choice...

Fast forward to today, I am thankful as I write this post in the comfy confines of my abode. Friends who attended the SCAA and stayed a few days after to hobnob or take-in "Bean Town's" beauty were either stranded or severely inconvenienced due to the senseless bombing; and the Celtics-Pacers NBA game was cancelled for security reasons - SAD!

With full confidence I am cheering for Boston's resiliency, to immediately rebound from this bump. The good always wins. See you soon "Bean Town!"

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