Monday, October 1, 2012

Coffee Review: Trader Joe's JOE Coffee

Those who've been to this cool food and beverage mecca, with branches all over the US of A, are aware that one hour is not enough to scour for affordable gourmet eats! The perennial economic conflict of HIGH QUALITY vis-a-vis LOW PRICE is stabilized in TRADER JOE's, as all items on the shelves are rigorously tried and tested to pass their strict standard.

For almost a decade I've been a regular, yet it was only during this trip in April that I tried purchasing their coffee beans, both as a gift to family back home and for my personal consumption too. But with luggage space as a major constraint, I had to select the safest pick...

so many to choose from yet so little luggage space

TRADER JOE'S  JOE COFFEE, as indicated in the hip nitrogen flushed can (reminiscent of the Planters Cheese Balls/Curls packaging many loved circa '80s) is 100% Arabica Whole-Bean coffee, medium roast. This particular blend is a "safe choice," catering to a wide audience as far as flavor profile, balance, low acidity and body.

My initial sip indicate subtle hints of caramel, with an earthy/woodsy afternote. Quite ideal as an everyday cuppa joe, or a morning wake-me-upper. Nothing euphoric to write home about,  yet with its cost effective price of $4.99 per 14-ounce can, how can you go wrong?!

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