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Frozen Hot Chocolate (Home Version)

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Established in 1954,  SERENDIPITY 3  is a New York institution best known for its decadent desserts, particularly its infamous Frozen Hot Chocolate!

The chocoholic dessert-drink made even-more popular by Jonh Cusack's movie (with Kate Beckinsale) with the same title has tickled my fancy, thus I'm sharing with you an easy to make, home-version (not to mention tummy-friendly) of this masterpiece. Come to think of it, the timing is simply apt with "heart's day" just around the corner.

our Serendipity 3 date in April 2006,
225 East 60th Street New York City

Frozen Hot Chocolate Drink (16-ounce)


3 ounces (90ml) Stasero Dark Chocolate Sauce
2 tablespoons (25 grams) Far Skyes Vanilla Frappe Powder
1.5 cups milk (fresh or skimmed depending on your dietary preference)
3 cups ice
whipped cream (optional); or could be substituted by milk froth as shown in our Seasalt Caramel Latte post
chocolate shavings (or chocolate sprinkle) for garnish

* for Javaholics, a possible variation is to add 1-shot Espresso or 1 teaspoon instant coffee


Step 1: In a blender, combine the Far Skyes Vanilla Frappe Powder with milk until dissolved

Step 2: Add the Stasero Dark Chocolate Sauce and blend again fully incorporated

Step 3: Add the ice and blend until crushed

Step 4: Pour into wide-mouth glass and top with whipped cream (or frothed milk) and garnish with chocolate shavings (or your favorite sprinkle)

Serve and enjoy!!! Happy Valentines Day to all...

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