Sunday, August 4, 2013

WOFEX 2013

Time certainly flies and we're posting another successful WOFEX Show performance. For the "Nth" time, BOYD'S Coffee and Far Skyes Enterprise combined forces to showcase their signature Caffeinated & Creamy Experience that's never equaled!  Two companies with one common vision simply stated...

This year was made extra "syrupy sweet" with the arrival of Eagle Beverage's (owner of the STASERO brand from Seattle, WA) boss Ms. Aisha Kabani, to lend a hand and reiterate her unconditional support to us. Ten solid years and counting, we're truly filled with gratitude and it makes us prouder to represent your brand!

A significant year for BOYD's Coffee as well, with the owner's firm commitment to continue doing what he does best - Trailblazing! New machines, new concepts, reinvigorated passion for the Coffee Industry!

A bigger and better show next year? MOST DEFINITELY!

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