Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mother Of All Milk Teas

If a picture paints a thousand superlatives then consider the one above as such! SERENITEA (yup, all caps and extra "sinkers" for this beloved brand) is the undisputed god of all milk teas, as evident to their claim to fame:

"Every tea is freshly brewed by our (their) tea espresso machine to ensure the finest taste and richest aroma." 

The end masterpiece ensures freshness and full flavor - cup, after cup, after cup, with no bitter aftertaste as a result of tannin release, a common NO-NO of competitors who soak their teas for hours in large vat, dispenser or container.

My all time faves, MINTY CHOCO

After a properly extracted tea espresso shot, signature flavors and sinkers (optional) are incorporated to give it that OOMPH it is well-known for. Consumers and competitors alike are aware that the undisputed "Milk Tea god" does not scrimp on quality. What matters for SERENITEA is a highly satisfied consumer who will keep patronizing the brand and the yummy drinks they churn out.  Many happy returns!

24 branches and counTEAng, both locally and abroad! Need I say more???

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