Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zabar's New York City

Founded by Ukrainian Jewish immigrants Louis and Lillian Zabar, what began as a humble stand at a market in 1934 has progressed into a H.U.G.E. store famous for its globally-sourced fine quality products and good eats!

Ask any typical New Yorker about ZABAR'S and they'll tell you it's a famous Upper West Side gourmet epicurean emporium specializing in gourmet coffee, fine teas, smoked fish, caviar, cheese, deli, and many other exciting foodie-finds...

A landmark of sorts in the Big Apple, as Zabar's appeared in episodes of Sex and the City, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, and in the movie You've Got Mail (starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) among others...

It was a rainy morning in Manhattan, totally uninviting at all,  yet we braved the cold-wet weather just to visit this much talked-about food mecca to witness first-hand what the noise was all about - "Fast, Inexpensive and Extensive Menu" is what they're known for (from sandwiches, wraps, croissants, to paninis; paired off with your choice of drink from Mochaccino, frappes, smoothies to their signature coffee Zabar's House Blend). We arrived at 9am just in time for brunch, and although there was quite a long line of people waiting in line, seat turnover was swift and efficient... Oh, and our verdict?! Most definitely gut-satisfying!

happy camper!

This is just the tip of the iceberg: once we were done eating, we headed to their grocery store right beside their cafe to sample various cheeses and air dried meats from their well-stocked deli counter, AND shop for things to bring home (from pantry staples to kitchen stuff).

Kid not included...
What highlighted my Zabar's visit though was their treasure chest of coffee beans, and upon my probing they highly recommend the Zabar's Blend (light roast yet full-bodied); and the French Roast (medium-dark roast with a hint of chocolate).  Belonging to opposite ends of the coffee profile wheel, upon sampling, both are fantastic -- it simply depends on the mood you're in!

This will definitely be a New York staple for my family, and as proven, it's not a "fair weathered" statement!

Check it out:

Zabars is located in Broadway and 80th street, Upper West Side, Mahattan, NYC

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